Honey Select plugin

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LockOnPlugin for Honey Select


This plugin allows you to keep the camera target on specific parts of the target character.
The purpose of this is to allow you to really focus on the fun parts without having to manage the camera.

If you’ve found a bug or think something could be improved with any of my mods please make a github issue or a hongfire comment about it or message me on the Honey Play discord.


  1. Install Illusion Plugin Architecture (IPA).
  2. Throw the files into the Honey Select root folder.
  3. Default hotkey is N, unlock by holding the same button for a while.
  4. Download ModSettingsMenu and ModMenuManager to change LockOnPlugin settings easily in game. (Optional) - Download link


The latest release should always be here


Normal settings are in \UserData\modprefs.ini
Target settings are in \Plugins\TargetSettings\


All hotkeys can be set to false to disable or set to any value from keynames.txt, no modifiers



Target settings

Control tips

To adjust fov or camera angle hold left shift/ctrl and drag with right mouse button while locked on.

Gamepad input requires a xinput compatible controller. (Movement only works in neo)
Use DS4Windows or something similar if you have a directinput controller.

The hotkeys should be used with the extra mouse buttons for maximum one handed action.
A little autohotkey script like this can make this mod a lot more enjoyable to use.

#IfWinActive StudioNEO ahk_class UnityWndClass
  XButton2::n ; mouse extra button to lock on
  MButton::k ; middle click to show gui targets